John Pain + Egadz – Sinking Swimmer II 10″


«Sinking Swimmer II» finds the duo John Pain & Egadz digging a little deeper into their dirty drum and analog instrument repertoire. The release also features Nato Bardeen (The Drowning Men) adding Theremin on «Speed Racer» and an additional Modular Synth on «Disco Death». Scotty B (Sick Balloons) rounds out the guest appearances with his guitar additions to «Coming Up Short». Anyone into raw drums and analogue instrumentation is sure to enjoy this release. «Sinking Swimmer II» is the closing part of the full length.

This sequel is limited to 120 hand numbered copies in silk screened covers with artwork by Tomisthebastard, includes download code. Mastered by Deeskee.

Nice review over at Sound Colour Vibration.


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John Pain + Egadz – Sinking Swimmer 10″


John Pain & Egadz‘ «Sinking Swimmer» is an unapologetic construct made of heavy, distorted drums messing with grimy samples.

A1 Smithereens
A2 Unholy Voices
A3 The Terror
B1 Piledriver
B2 Wapper Jaw
B3 Snuff
B4 Headless Humans

10″ vinyl limited to 122 hand numbered copies in silk screened covers with artwork by Tomisthebastard, includes 320kbps mp3s. Each order includes at least a lino cut sticker.

Vinyl is old out. For digital only go here.

Awesome review (in german) here, more super nice words by Sound Colour Vibration and FACT Mag.

There is also a hand numbered silk screened poster (24×12″), shipped separately + unfolded. 12 prints.


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Son Of A Bricklayer & Madslo – Abyssal Plains 7″


We are very happy to have danish producer Son Of A Bricklayer teaming up with Canada based maniac Madslo for «Abyssal Plains»: a journey into hard drums, synths and early electronic music samples. The music consists of four parts merged into two tracks, opening parts on both jams by Son Of A Bricklayer, closing parts by Madslo.

Limited to 112 hand numbered and heavy sounding 7″es, artwork by Lazpit. Vinyl only. Sold out.



Bit-Tuner – Brutal Funk 10″

brutal funk

We’re proud to call local bass scientist Bit-Tuner part of our roster. «Brutal Funk» stands for Bits very own signature, velvet yet pressing bass lines, on point melodies and scrunching drums.

The EP starts off with «Bach Is Not Dead». It relocates you in an unknown indoor parking enlightened by subdued flickering lights. Supposedly barely sane melodies tied to a striking bass line and tattered structures will assist you to actually enjoy the situation.

«Bad Combination» is a bleak, chasing and clicking composition, absolutely spot on. Abusive and nervous, it carries a solid cloud casting body adorned with psychedelic references. Consider yourself a stowaway on a lurching hover craft at serious speed.


Entering the second half of the EP with «Empty Hole», you’ve managed to silently sneak on a aged steamboat uncompromisingly floating and wallowing its predefined way towards an empty hole at the end of shaded waters.

The circle is completed by «Lucid 8», thanks to the bubbling bass and agile theme a forgiving, confident creation, despite the lyrically well placed scraping sounds. A soothing, temporary end to a versatile and eventful journey.

Mastered by Adi Flück at Centraldubs Bern. Edition of 125 in silk screened covers on beautiful vat paper with artwork by Simon Walter. Includes download code for WAV & mp3. Due to some unforeseen circumstances this one is pretty pricey. We’re sorry but also confident that you will really like this deluxe item once you hold it in your hands and give it a spin.


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Frkse & Khlyst / Tewz split 7″

frkse & khlyst / tewz split

Frkse returns with his partner in savageness Khlyst, while the incredibly talented (in various matters) madman Tewz releases his first split 7″.

106 copies on clear/clouded vinyl, mastered by Deeskee. All covers are different as they are unintentional collaborations: the artists are unaware discarded remnants of artist projects unintentionally superimposed, salvaged from oblivion offset printed on a Hamada printing press.


Video proof frkse by Lisa-K.

Sold out.


Tenshun Vs. Jacken


Split c40 by Tenshun & Jacken. Lo fi wizardry & beautiful sample/beat syncrisis, partially remembering some classic trippy & heavy beats. A strong and perfectly connected assemblage of crushing rolls.

Rotten Flesh produced by Tenshun, Heavy Vibrations produced by Jacken. 43 copies on clear tapes with artwork by Khlyst. Home-dubbed with good care.

Some of the shells were damaged while being shipped to us, sorry about that. Sold out.

Rotkeller – Herr Vodmar


The second album by swiss pals Rotkeller, «Herr Vodmar». They’re back with luscious sounds on entangled groundworks and delicious ideas for harebrained melodies. Eight firm & heavy weight tracks on 12″ vinyl and digital, officially released on sept 27. There will also be a couple live shows, check the Live section on our site. For bookings, please get in touch.

«Herr Vodmar» is released as collaboration with Everest Records. Limited to 300 copies with artwork by Amadeus Waltenspühl, mastered by Calyx Berlin. The vinyl version includes a personal download code for the digital release. If you wish digital only, go to Everestrecords.


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Feldermelder – «2nd July» animation & free dl


We are stoked to present «2nd July», a new track by Feldermelder, alongside a stunning animation by the fellow Luis Sanz of indefinitevj («it’s all about generative audio reactive animation»). Check out the full video:

«2nd July» was recorded and produced in New York in Summer 2012. Mastered by Adi Flück at Centraldubs Bern. Grab the track for free here:

July 2nd (wav, 28.8 MB, right-click save as…)
July 2nd (mp3, 6.7 MB, right-click save as…)

Valance Drakes – Wisdom Comes Through Struggle 10″

vlnc drks wisdom comes through struggle ep

The crispy, dubby bits flanking the thoroughly worked out drums are one of a kind. We are sure to hear more ahead of his time works by Vlnc Drks in the near future.

This 10″ vinyl EP is dedicated to Valance Drakes’ step dad Kenneth Knight (R.I.P.). Limited to 87 copies in silk screened covers with artwork by Soumy. Mastered by Deeskee. Sold out.

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Tenshun / Walter Gross – Animal Instinct 7″

Tenshun and Walter Gross got the Animal Instinct.

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies on purple marbled vinyl in silkscreened covers on animal x rays. «Find The Devil, Kill The Devil» was mixed by Justin Day @ New Noise Recording (Baltimore, MD Nov/11). Mastered by Deeskee. Sold out.

Nice review over at Sound Colour Vibration.

Playpad Circus / Azabeats 10″

This one features two beat heads out of Germany, both of them creating forward thinking electronic music.

There is Playpad Circus, constantly killing it at remix jobs and live shows, and Azabeats, part of the alt rap group Son Kas and the Postrap collective.

Sharing a 10″, Playpad Circus’ «Drink And Fuck» directs into a sinister, feral world, while «Far Away From You» by Azabeats points out the way out of there, before he too shatters the supposed to be homelike place («Last Week»).
Brute beats, breaks and samples meet sort of speak garageish ideas, with drums as leitmotif.

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies in hand stamped covers, mastered by Deeskee. Sold out.

Walter Gross – Coward

Another artist we respect a whole lot is Los Angeles based Mr Walter Gross. Constantly coming up with weird-beautiful collages of sounds, noises, drums, samples and whatnot in the form of albums, various collections or podcasts.

This tape signifies a certain advancement in Walter Gross’ evolution in creating a more defined mosaic and collage of sounds and its articulation.

Limited to 40 hand numbered copies in sewn and hand stamped covers with four different inlay versions. A download link will be sent to you after purchase (or get it via bandcamp). Sold out. You can still get the digital version from

Also, check out this review.

Tran Qual – New England 1987 + 7 Hills

Grazing new worlds once again, Tran Quals works wallow somewhere between leftfield, drones and prog rock.

Three of our favourite jams have been banned onto vinyl, limited to 101 hand numbered copies in silk screened covers on mold-made paper with artwork by Serge, then there’s also the album «7 Hills» on cassette in hand folded and numbered paper covers, limited to 40. Sold out.

DJ Egadz / Edison split 7″

For our anniversary release, we are genuinely proud to present two button pushers extraordinaire.

Having their very own signature, one will always recognize their heroes. While there’s a rather psychedelic affinity shining through in DJ Egadz’ composition, Edison keeps up with countless variations and tweaks, and of course his unmistakable drum work. These tracks will remain vinyl exclusives.

Still can’t really believe we did this. Super honored. But let’s not talk too much about it, simply check that mess out.

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies in silk screened covers with artwork by lovely SAFU, mastered by Deeskee. Sold out.

Maki – Leaving Exarchia / Grayscale 7″

Over at the website of our beloved canadian record label Clothes Horse Records you can read statements like «consistently killing shit for over a decade, Maki has quietly established himself as one of the most slept-on producers in Canada» followed by «with a musical aesthetic akin to a riot in Syntagma Square, his soundscapes have shaped the character of some of the most unique and distinctive records in the Canadian indie-rap scene». No way we could have said it better. Wherever some Maki production pops up, it is very clear that it will please our ears and minds.

That is why we are convinced that there does not necessarily need to be a voice over his production for it to work. Therefore it is a major delight to present the new 7″ «Leaving Exarchia / Grayscale», which holds two outrageous bangers. After a summer of discontent in Athens, a room in Exarchia and a thousand photographs, a commentary on those experiences emerge. The canadian producer returns to prog-inspired traditions with densely-layered synths, guitars, field recordings and distinctive drums. Still here and still there. A crisis of sorts. A work in progress.

It is kind of a deluxe edition limited to 100 hand numbered copies on grey marbled vinyl in silk screened covers by Michael Beutler. Mastered by Deeskee. Sold out.

Rotkeller – Lofbo.b LP

The guys’ names behind the moniker Rotkeller is Federico Sutera and Laurent Schmidhäusler from Fribourg, Switzerland. Previously just messing around with sounds has now become a serious project, considering their last live shows and recordings. As you can guess the guys have been enjoying the golden age of IDM, they now interlace this influence into their compositions, where atmospheric meets weird loops, breaks and bass of course. The range is somewhere between jovial relaxing to banging clackers, which is promising for the coming live shows and this first album called «Lofbo.b», which has lots of different faces that need to be explored.