Meienberg – Blurring The Boundary 10″

lr-06 cover by Mike Rea

The considerable assemblage of musical layers aren’t the only cause for the multifaceted soundscapes and moods you’ll experience during the Blurring The Boundary EP by Meienberg. Sweet-tempered hands can turn to claws of frowning trepidation, warm synths to harsh bass, sociability to shaking uptightness and all the way back before you know it.

Having collected a decent amount of influences throughout at least the last three decades, Meienberg will give you a lot to figure out. Even though we don’t like genres, let’s name dub(-step), idm, various electronics and breaks to say the least. The way all of this gets combined, resulting in discrete and solid buildings, is something of a rarity.

After purchase you’ll get a download link of the 10″ vinyl six-track EP plus the bonus bangers «Asanga’s Dog» and «Out Of My Hands» in wav format. A large poster of the album artwork will be thrown in for free. Have a listen: